Thursday, April 21, 2011

How Much Does It Mean to You? ~ 4-21-2011 ~

Are you willing?

Do you really want It?

Is It worth your time, sweat, tears, and even blood?
Are you ready to accept the pain with the joy?
What are you willing to give in exchange for It?
What will you sacrifice without grudge or complaint?
Will you discard It when it no longer brings the pleasure or usefulness that it once did?
Will you fight for It?
What price will you pay?
What are you willing to lose in order to uphold It?

I ask again: do you really want It?

If the answer is no, then kindly walk away and leave It alone.
Please, do not allow your good intentions to get in the way.
Good is still the worst enemy of Best.
If It was only chosen because of potential benefits or any other selfish reason, then choose to change your selfishness or choose to leave.
It needs your best – your most wholesome motives and diligent attention – to flourish.

If your answer is or would be yes, then never settle for “good enough.”
Choose what is best over that which is good.
Fight for It. Uphold It. Cry for It. Bear the pain. Share the joy. Seek the best.

Are you willing?

“Those who are not willing to comply with the job description need not apply.”

And, in case you are wondering what It is... just fill in the blank with something. It is many things to me, but it may be anything to you.

What will you stand against for It?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Right Thing ~ 4-14-2011 ~

Doing the right thing may not be easy, fun, comfortable, or glamorous.
It may not be applauded, appreciated, "cool," or understood.
It may not taste good, feel good, smell good, look good, or sound good.
Doing the right thing may not be all of those things, but it is the right thing.