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What drives me to write? It's simple, really: the quest for truth. I want to seek it out, test out what I find, and write about it as I go. My definition of truth itself has changed, even from when I first began writing this blog. That alone is unsettling to most people, and understandably so. I find a great sense of peace in the knowledge that I have grown and changed with my findings instead of stubbornly refusing to believe what I see. That spirit is what enabled me to leave a background of Christian fundamentalism and move forward with my life.

My writing runs the full gamut of human emotions. Much of the earlier posts show anger at Christianity and religion in general. Some are full of questions and searching as I work through my feelings about religion and spirituality. Most recently, I've realized that my beef is with fundamentalism, not religion as a whole. I do not hate religion. I do not hate Christians or all things Christian. I do, however, despise the many dark, harmful things that have been perpetrated in the name of Christianity: the centuries of domination, persecution of all things non-Christian, and the pain it has caused so many people (despite its message of love and peace). Sadly, many great evils have been committed by people of many religions. Religious fundamentalism is a deadly cancer eating at humanity.

I have undertaken liberty by opening my mind and setting my soul free. I challenge you to do the same. You might be surprised where the journey takes you. I certainly was.

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  1. out of membership (31 years of abuse and divorce) because I got a divorce and let the x live in my house for awhile afterwards. My name was put up on a big screen (3 times) on my birthday with the words,'COnduct Unbecoming a Child of God." Called to a meeting of deacons (not allowed to have a woman present and asked:Are you still having sex with your ex? They did this to me 10 years ago, September 29th (my birthday) spiritual abuse is a wound which doesn't heal, but something positive came from the debacle: my website; feel free to e-mail me: