Friday, October 26, 2012

A Pastor on Gay Rights

Please continue here to see someone from the religious community speak on gay rights.

Finally! Someone who gets it! The current religious/conservative speech about gay rights is in fact similar to that group's speech on racial segregation. And it's sickening. So thankful a pastor was willing to call it like it is!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Wild and Wacky

The original is posted here, but for convenience I'll copy paste the content here:

Test Your Knowledge of Wild, Weird, and Outright Wacky American Religious Beliefs
Posted on  Some people in other countries worshipflying monkeys, or magical big breasted dancers, or Prince Phillip. That’s just weird, right?
Maybe. But, before you go all noblesse oblige or manifest destiny or white man’s burden or otherwise smug, you might want to take a look at what one of the Bible writers called “the plank in your own eye.” Why are you looking at what’s in your brother’s eye, he said (to paraphrase), when you have gunk in your own? In other words, a little self-examination might be the first order of business.
So, forget for a moment about those fantastical creatures above the altars in “exotic” places.  How well do you know what your neighbors believe? How about the church to which your parents are quietly tithing away your inheritance? For that matter, how about the actual details of the creed to which you yourself give a nod?
All of the following beliefs can be found in your own back yard, still today. They have been long taught by religions that either are considered part of the Abrahamic mainstream or are home grown, made in the U.S.A., produced here and exported. Some of these beliefs are ensconced in sacred texts. Others are simply traditional. All, at one time or another, have had the sanction of the highest church authorities, and most still do.
How many of them can you match up with a familiar religious tradition? (The answers are at the bottom.)